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Suivez vos envois

Suivez vos envois

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Le numero de suivi est compose de 13 caracteres et figure dans le detail de votre commande

Payment Options:

Our shop offers the following types of payments in order of preference:

Bank Money Transfer

The transfer payment is safe, fast and free from the website of most of the banks. please use the following bank details:

RIB: 13106 00500 20006366283 20
IBAN: FR76 1310 6005 0020 0063 6628 320

Crédit Agricole du Midi Toulousain
31120, Pinsaguel, France

For account customers, we send the goods before receiving payment.

   Credit Card
/ Visa / MasterCard

Payment by credit card, is done through e-service transaction of our bank. At no time we will have access to your bank details on our website. Payment is by directly on the site of our bank.


Using paypal is classical and you are automatically redirected to your secure paypal account . Nevertheless, this type of payment generates significant costs on our side ...